How to Get from Bergamo Airport to Milan City Center

How to Get from Bergamo Airport to Milan City Center

Bergamo Orio al Serio Caravaggio International Airport (Aeroporto di Bergamo-Orio al Serio) is located 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the center of Milan.

The cheapest way to get to Milan from Bergamo airport is by bus – for 7 EUR – or by train, but you can also use a taxi that will take you directly to your hotel. Travel time will be about 45-50 minutes. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of each option.

Route map Bergamo Airport Milan

How to find your way upon arrival

Bergamo airport is very easy to navigate. First, go through passport control, then follow the RITIRO BAGAGLI signs for baggage claim.

Baggage claim in Bergamo airport

Check the number of the baggage claim belt on display.

Timetable, check-in and baggage claim in Bergamo airport

Pick up your baggage and follow the ‘USCITA’ (Exit) sign.

Attention! Before leaving, you may be stopped by an Italian customs officer – do not worry, and answer his questions honestly. Most likely, you will be asked to specify the amount of cash – according to the law. It should not exceed 10,000 euros. The control is carried out randomly.

When you leave the baggage claim area, you will see drivers waiting for clients who have booked transfers in advance and signs for taxis and buses.

By bus

The bus stop is straight to the airport exit’s right side.Bus stop at Bergamo airport

Several companies carry out transportation to Milan Central Station (Milano Centrale), a ticket can be bought on the spot without any problems for 7 EUR, and you can go by the nearest bus with a 20-30 minute interval.

If you want to save money, you can buy a ticket in advance online for 10 EUR on the official website of the carrier

timetable of the buses from Bergamo airport to Milan

Add plus 1 hour to the arrival time. If the flight is suddenly delayed or arrives earlier, then you will be put on the next bus without any problems, and for the saved euro, you’d better drink authentic Italian espresso for my health 🙂

From Milan Central Station you can easily get to the hotel by metro or tram for 1,5 EUR.

By train

To travel by train, you first need to get to Bergamo Central Station, from where trains leave for Milan – this option is suitable for you if you want to see the main sights of the city or stay here for a day or two.

Exit the airport and turn left, and you will see the stop of bus No. 1.

Bus stop from Bergamo airport to Milan central station

The display will show the departure time of the nearest bus to Bergamo.

How to Get from Bergamo Airport to Milan City Center

The bus will say that it goes to BERGAMO to the central railway station (STAZIONE F.S – CITTA ALTA).

Bus from Orio al Serio Caravaggio International Airport to Bergamo

A ticket for 3 EUR can be bought at the ticket vending machine or inside the bus. Choose fare E. Euro coins or credit cards are accepted for payment.

Ticket vending machine to buy tickets from Bergamo airport

It takes about 20 minutes to get to Bergamo Central Station. The photo below shows what the stop looks like.

Bus stop near Bergamo central station

When you exit the bus, you will see the station building.

Central station in Bergamo

Regional trains from Bergamo leave for Milan and other cities of Italy. A ticket to Milan costs 5,5 EUR. The option with the train to Milan is suitable for those who need to get, for example, directly to the Porta Garibaldi station (Milano Porta Garibaldi) or the Lambrate, Villapizzone stations.

Train timetable from Bergamo to Milan

Buy tickets at the vending machine, but since they often process slowly, I advise you to purchase them at the TABACCHI store (to the left of the entrance). The cost is the same, but you will save 5 – 15 minutes.

Ticket office at Bergamo central station

Look for your train number and the route (BIN) on display at the station.

Timetable of the trains departing from Bergamo station

Validate your ticket before entering the platform in a special machine.

If for some reason you failed to validate the ticket, then it is enough to write the departure station, date, and time at the bottom of the ticket with a pen.

Validated train ticket from Bergamo to Milan

The photo below shows Trenord’s regional train to Milan, leaving from Bergamo station.

Regional train in Italy

By taxi

The taxi spot is located near the first bus stop. They charge the cost of a trip to Milan by a meter, so the taxi driver will charge you 120 – 150 EUR. In this case, I always recommend ordering a transfer in advance at a fixed price – this will help to avoid surprises and misunderstandings with taxi drivers.

At the you can order a transfer for up to 4 people for 175 EUR. The driver will take you directly to your hotel, which is very convenient if you do not want to use public transport.

Rent a Car in Bergamo Airport

You can pick up a pre-rented car immediately upon arrival. If you book at least a month in advance, you can easily find options for 15-20 EUR per day. At the airport, in fact, the cost of a car will be 2-3 times higher. I advise you to read about the features of car rental in Italy at the  website. In case you have additional questions, drop a comment there.

Going back from Milano Centrale to Bergamo Airport

Buses from Milan to Bergamo leave from Piazza Luigi di Savoia near the central station. If you are facing the main entrance, then the bus stop is located to the right of the building. If you come by metro, follow the signs with an image of a bus and a plane.

Exit sign at Milan central station

The signs are duplicated approximately every 50 meters. It’s tough to get lost.

Signs at Milano Centrale

Regarding the exit from the metro, Piazza Luigi di Savoia will also be on the right.

Sign to Piazza Luigi di Savoia at Milano Centrale station

On the square you will see temporary stands selling tickets for buses to all airports of Milan – you can buy a ticket there for 7 EUR or go straight to the parking lot and buy a ticket from the driver.

Ticket office for buses going to the airport near Milan central station

You will see a label on each bus that shows you the name of the airport it goes to. We need a direct bus from Milan to the airport (DIRECT AIRPORT BERGAMO).

Direct bus from Milan to Bergamo airport

Terravision buses usually stand first. For those who book online, the cost is 6 EUR, all the rest pay 7 EUR in fact.

Terravision bus from Milan to Bergamo airport

This is how an e-ticket from Milan Bergamo, bought in advance, looks like:

Ticket for a bus from Milan to Bergamo airport costs 6 Euro

No need to print the ticket, you can show it on your phone or tablet screen. If you are late, tickets purchased online are valid during the whole day – very convenient.

If the tickets are sold out, just follow the buses of other carriers – they are a bit less convenient, but the cost is the same 7 EUR. Buses depart from Milan every 15-20 minutes.

Bus timetable of Autostradale company from Milan to Bergamo airport

In case you want to see Bergamo itself, buy a ticket for the regional train that leaves from Milano Centrale.

BGY Airport Online timetable

You can check the schedule of arrivals and departures of Orio Al Serio airport on the online departures board.

I am sure that now you can easily get from Bergamo to Milan. If you need advice or guidance, feel free to ask your questions in the comments.

How to get from Bergamo to Malpensa Airport

The are direct buses of company from Bergamo Airport to Malpensa Airport. It will take 1 hour 45 minutes to get from one airport to the other for 18 EUR.

Bus timetable from Bergamo airport to Malpensa airport

The bus stop is located at Bergamo, Via Furietti 17.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bergamo airport open at night? Is it possible to stay there overnight?

Yes, Bergamo Airport is open 24/7. You can stay at the airport instead of booking a nearby hotel, avoiding additional travel costs and risking missing your flight. The nearest good hotel is called NH Orio Al Serio with 24-hour reception is located 900 meters from the airport. There is also a capsule hotel ZZZleepandGo in the airport.
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