The Best Beaches in Sicily

San Vito Lo Capo The Best Beach In Sicily

Even though the best Sicilian beaches are located to the south and southeast of the island, one can enjoy seaside vacations all over the region. There are several areas where it is not easy to get to the sea because the stones or the beaches are ‘wild’ and without any infrastructure; however, you’ll definitely find your place.

The best period of the year to plan your vacation in Sicily is before or after the tourist season for a couple of reasons: firstly, it is boiling there in July and August; secondly, the sea is more refreshing at the same time already or still warm; and thirdly, fewer tourists.

You should bear in mind that there are two types of beaches: paid ones are located in cities mostly, and free of charge ones, where, upon your wish, you can rent an umbrella and deck-chairs. Besides, both types of beaches are usually well-equipped: changing rooms, toilets, showers, and bars. ‘Wild’ beaches are not equipped, but no one will bother you while enjoying yourself, the sea, and the sun.

It would be logical to start your trip around Sicilian beaches from Palermo (the island’s capital), as most probably you will arrive there either by plane or by ferry if you come from other Italian cities. Besides, Palermo is bordered by the Tiren sea, the water which becomes warm enough already at the very beginning of summer.

Advice: renting a car in Sicily is the easiest and most comfortable way to reach outlying beaches.

Between Palermo and Messina

Heading to the northern seaside of Sicily through Palermo, one will get to Messina – the western point of the island and the narrow Messina channel (Stretto di Messina), which separates Sicily from the continent. Along the way, you will find several excellent beaches.

San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo beach Sicily, Italy

San Vito Lo Capo Beach (Spiaggia di San Vito lo Capo) is considered to be one of the best in Sicily. It is an ideal spot, and it seems as if you are on an exotic island but not on the Old Continent. It takes an hour to get there from Palermo.

So, why is it good: it’s pretty long – more than 3 km, white sand, sky-blue water and a beautiful view of the bay. The only drawback is the number of tourists no matter whether the sea is still warm or already cold.

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Mondello beach

You’ll enjoy its clean and white sand, which was imported as the land here was extremely waterlogged. As a result, the sea is not deep, and it is an ideal spot for a vacation with kids. Nearby you will find numerous amazing villas and a picturesque park—13 km from Palermo city center.

One of the best hotels in the city – Splendid Hotel La Torre

Advice: our guide will help you plan your vacation with the kids at the seaside of Italy.

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Campofelice di Roccella

The road to the East lies through the beaches of Campofelice di Roccella. You will hardly find sandy beaches, but gravel ones, and the sea is deep here. So, if you come there with the kids, keep an eye, as it can be pretty dangerous. Besides, there is only one well-equipped beach; the others are ‘wild’.

However, if you are OK to lay on your blanket and under your umbrella and do not need snacks at the bar, you’ll enjoy it. One can rent a good guest-house or apart-hotel nearby, for example, Costa Mediterranea or Casa Vacanze Paradise Beach.

Besides, on the cape, you will find another beach called Capo Playa, suitable for windsurfing.


Behind the cape, the coastline is quite indented and is called Cefalu. 70 km from Palermo, and you are here. The beach is very long, one – 15 km, full of the cleanest sand and transparent water.

Cefalu Sicily

It is not deep here; that’s why the water is warm enough and suitable for kids. Hotels with private beaches – Blue Bay, Calanica Resort.

If one wants to party hard, move 12 km ahead to Finale di Pollina. The beach here is not so wide, but the views are amazing. As for the city itself, that is the center of constant joy and parties. The best hotel to stay – Marco Polo Casa Vacanza.

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From Messina to the South

The coastline of the Messina area is more than 200 km and is washed by the Ionian sea. On your way to Catania, you will pass through Taormina. There you will find amazing but not cheap spots.

Aeolian islands

A bit to the east of Messina and a couple of kilometers from the coastline, one will find the Aeolian Islands (Isole Eolie). The place itself is not so popular, but you definitely know Stromboli Vulcano. The archipelago is so magnificent and is on the UNESCO list.

The best beaches here are on Lipari island, for example, Canetto beach. Here you will easily find a guest house to rent for a couple of days. One of them is Mistral residence.

Best beaches near Taormina

The best beaches near Taormina are Giardini Naxos and Letojanni; ideal coastline of dozens of kilometers, sky-blue water, comprehensive and well-equipped beaches with an active nightlife. Note that the city beach is small and overcrowded. To get there, use the lift or the stairs.

Atahotel Capotaormina is located on a rocky cliff surrounded by the sea

There are also hotels with private beaches, such as UNAHOTELS Capotaormina, Park Hotel Silemi, and others.

Lido Mazzaro

The other famous beach of Taormina is Lido Mazzaro (Spiaggia Lido Mazzaro). Until recently, access to this fabulous spot was only for Hollywood celebrities. But for now, everyone can reach the bay.

Lido Mazzaro Beach Sicily

Keep in mind that the number of visitors is enormous, so plan the time of your visit accordingly. A comfortable hotel to stay in is Belmond Villa Sant’ Andrea.

Best Beaches near Сatania

La Playa beach is definitely the one you should pay attention to. It is a touristic area, full of hotels, Spa resorts, and paid but well-equipped beaches. Unfortunately, the water is not so clean on the city-centered beaches. Still, if you stay, for example, in one of these hotels, Zeus Residence or NH Catania Parco Degli Aragonesi, you will have free access to the private beaches.

If you plan your vacation without kids and want to enjoy a relaxed and calm atmosphere, do as locals do – go to Li Cuti beach. You’ll be surprised by its size, black gravel stones, and solidified volcanic lava. Be careful! The stones are sharp, so do not hurt yourself.

The South-East of Sicily

Next to Catania follows Siracusa – it’s a more or less calm and relaxed area. The only problem is that the only beach is located 10 km from the city center, all the rest is not suitable for sunbathing and swimming. Ironically, Siracusa is the only spot on the island where one can swim, even in May.

Fontane Bianche

Fontane Bianche Beach Sicily

Fontane Bianche is famous for its white sand, the one which you can find on an exotic island. Note, if you haven’t booked a room in White Bay hotel, you won’t be able to find a spot at this beach.

Calo Mosche Beach

Calo Mosche Beach (Spiaggia Calo Mosche) is located in the national park. It’s pretty hard to get there, so bear this in mind if you plan your trip with kids, seniors, or people with limited mobility.

Parking place is more than an hour walk under hot sun and on a stony road. But the reward is transparent water and the beauty of wild birds.

Lido di Noto

Lido di Noto beach Sicily

Lido di Noto beach is the best in Noto city area, which is located between Siracusa and the southern pick of the island. It’s ideal for kids, the entrance to the beach is free of charge, but you can rent an umbrella and deck chairs. In addition, one can rent a villa near the beach Villa Agape, Appartamento Don Nino.

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Mediterranean Seaside

This area is considered to be the best one for seaside holidays.


Carratois beach is hidden and is not so widespread among tourists but among locals. One can get there by car only; besides, you should know where to go once you park the car. People come to Carratois not only because of the beach but also because of the white clay, which is famous for its health properties.


Beaches in Ragusa area are incredibly variable: sand dune, stiff cliffs, or costs covered by different bushes – choose whatever you like.

Ragusa beach from the balcony of the L’Onda Hotel

The most popular beaches can be found in Marina di Lacusa. The beach is free of charge, well-equipped has its marina and a lot of restaurants. You can easily get there by bus from Ragusa. The top hotel to stay in Ragusa is L’onda.


Agrigento is in the very middle of the south-western coastline of the island and can easily compete with Taormina for its right to be called the best town.

Agrigento beach

This province is at the Top-20 of the most visited areas full of amazing beaches. The two most beautiful local beaches can be found each way from Scala dei Turchi – a white cliff, the stairs of which lead to the water.

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Marsala and Trapani

Marsala and Trapani are located to the East of the island. And the area is also full of beaches.

Best beaches near Marsala

Marsala city is famous for its wine first of all. The main aim of the tourists who visit it is to taste it. As for the beaches, they are more suitable for wind- and kite surfing due to strong wind. One of the best villas to stay – Villa Nika.

Egadi Islands

Beaches in Trapani are pretty stony, and the water is usually not clean enough. The best option is to head to Egadi islands, which are just across the sea. Take a ferry, which takes off twice in an hour, one ticket costs about 15-20 Euro, 60 minutes and you are there. To check the schedule and buy tickets

Aegadian Islands Sicily

Clean water, incredible views, and a calm atmosphere await you. The best beaches with their bays and fabulous sea are on Favignana island. To get to know the beauty of the island better – rent a villa. Among the best ones – Hotel Il Portico and I Pretti Resort – book at least 3 months in advance; they are outstanding and popular!

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