The Best 4-star Hotels in Florence

4-star Hotels in the Center of Florence

Today we will learn how to choose and book an excellent 4-star hotel in the center of Florence. In this article, you will find a review of four hotels without extra options and compromises. I stayed myself in two, and the rest were included in the review based on our customers’ and readers’ recommendations.

Where is the city center of Florence?

Florence is a relatively small and compact city, and most of the sights are within walking distance. Unlike Rome, where I recommend staying in other areas rather than beside Termini Station, in Florence, you need to look for a hotel as close as possible to Santa Maria Novella Central Station.

Once you got off the train, after 100-300 meters, we ended up at the reception. Leave the luggage and go for a walk. To the main sights – the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore – 5 minutes on foot, to the Ponte Vecchio bridge – 15 minutes.

Even though you can easily get around the whole of Florence in 2-3 hours, I recommend spending at least 2-3 days here – go to the Uffizi Gallery, visit the palaces, and climb the Giotto bell tower. Be inspired, enjoy the atmosphere of the streets, and try the Florentine steak.

In my opinion, the best hotels in Florence are located near the Santa Maria Novella railway station. Please note that the cost of living depends on the season and how much time in advance you book (earlier-cheaper). Let’s go!

C-Hotels Ambasciatori

4-star hotel to the central station of Florence

C-Hotels Ambasciatori – I stayed in this hotel in April 2015 with Agnes and Carson, who flew to Italy on their honeymoon trip. It’s located right next to the exit from the station, which is incredibly convenient. I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of pastries at breakfast and by the atmosphere of the hotel. Special credit goes to the lounge area on the second floor, where you can spend more than one evening with friends. An aperitif costs 10 EUR and includes a glass of beer or wine plus an unlimited selection of appetizers. The more expensive rooms on the upper floors offer a magnificent view of the city, but you can also spend the night in the standard one – cozy and comfortable.

  • Price: from 180 to 400 EUR per night for a double room. In the low season and when booking a couple of months in advance, discounts can reach up to 50%

Atlantic Palace

Atlantic Palace – we stayed in this hotel for 4 days/3 nights in August 2015 with our parents while traveling around Italy.

Atlantic Palace 4-star hotel in Florence

I was bribed by the location of the hotel and the cost of rooms in the high season (only 170 EUR per night). Since in August prices for accommodation started from 500 EUR per night. Even though the Internet worked in one room out of two, it was compensated by the view of the cathedral and the cozy atmosphere of the rooms.

  • Price: from 150 to 449 EUR per night per double room.

Grand Hotel Minerva – The Best 4-star in Florence

Grand Hotel Minerva – the hotel was recommended to me by many friends and tourists, and the average rating of 8.8 on confirms the quality of this accommodation option. One of the main advantages is the rooftop pool overlooking the dome of the main cathedral of Florence.

Grand Hotel Minerva - a 4-star hotel in the center of Florence with a swimming pool at the rooftop

It is located next to the beautiful Basilica of Santa Maria Novella (Basilica Santa Maria Novella) on the same square, 300 meters from the station. The only thing that stops me from booking this hotel so far is the cost of rooms. The cheapest room costs 500 EUR in the high season from May to October. However, if your budget allows, don’t hesitate and book it. It is the best option.

  • Price: from 335 to 645 EUR per night per double room.

Grand Hotel Baglioni

Grand Hotel Baglioni - 4-star hotel in the center of Florence

Grand Hotel Baglioni – Grand Hotel Baglioni is a luxurious dream. Just imagine having breakfast on the terrace with such a view. The hotel opened in 1903 and is located in the former palace of Prince Carrega Bertolini. The rating of 9.2, and a fair price for a room – be sure to check this accommodation option.

  • Price: from 266 to 361 EUR per night per double room.

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