How to Get from Fiumicino Airport to Rome

Today, let’s learn how to travel from Fiumicino Airport (FCO) to the center of Rome using various transportation methods: train, Mercedes, bus, taxi, and rental car. After passing through passport control, you’ll find yourself in Terminal 3, where luggage is usually collected. Our adventure begins right here.
Let me share the most up-to-date and reliable methods as of May 2024:

By Train for 8-14 Euros per Person

  • Perfect for those who prefer to avoid buses. The total journey to your hotel takes about 1-2 hours.

Getting to Rome (though not to the center) by train is very simple. Just follow the signs (a train symbol on a yellow background labeled “Train”) without taking any unnecessary detours. Your first task is to find the railway station inside the airport. Simply keep looking up from time to time and stay on your path. I have prepared the following photo guide to assist you in navigating after your arrival.
Signs at Fiumicino Airport
So, you’ve successfully retrieved your luggage and made your way to the arrivals hall.

Upon arriving at Terminal 3 of Fiumicino Airport, you’ll immediately notice a crowd of greeters. Among them, you’ll see many stylish Italians, some less so, donning jackets even in the August heat of +35°C (+95°F), holding signs.
Arrivals Area Terminal 3 at Fiumicino Airport

Greeters at Fiumicino Airport, Terminal 2 Arrivals
These are all private transfers. You can pre-book one through our friend Sergio’s website, and take the hassle out of getting to your hotel, or turn right and follow the signs to the train for about 100 meters. Soon on your left, you’ll see an escalator, a ticket office, and ticket vending machines. There’s often a queue here, so I advise not to waste time. We’ll buy a ticket later.
Underground passage to the railway station from Fiumicino Airport
Follow the escalator system for about 5 minutes without turning off. The correct direction is constantly indicated on the signs. It takes a lot of work to get lost.

Entrance to the Railway Station at Fiumicino Airport
After 5-10 minutes of confident walking, you’ll arrive at the station. It’s straightforward here too – you must buy a ticket at the counter or from a machine.
Ticket Office at Fiumicino Airport Railway Station
If you’re heading to Termini Station, buy a ticket for the Leonardo Express at 14 euros. If you’re going to stations like Trastevere, Ostiense (Metro Line B), Tuscolana (Metro Line A), or Tiburtina (Metro Line A), opt for a regional train (Treno Regionale) ticket at 8 euros. Or simply tell the ticket office your destination.

Map and travel times of trains from Fiumicino Airport Station to Rome

Attention: The Leonardo Express always departs from the second track (in the middle). Be careful! It travels non-stop to Termini. Once, my friend Vladimir, whom I was waiting for at Trastevere, boarded it by mistake. As a result, we met 2 hours later than planned, and he had to take a taxi because navigating Rome for the first time can be quite challenging.

Leonardo Express High-Speed Train from Fiumicino Airport to Rome
I advise having a credit card and cash on hand, as the ticket office may not be working, especially in the evening. The machine might not accept cash and, consequently, also be out of service.

Self-Service Ticket Machines for Trains to Rome at Fiumicino Airport
In a country where the main motto is “More leisure and socializing,” it’s a habit to check everything, recheck three times, and play it safe. To be sure, double-check the departure information on the new display board before boarding.
Train Schedule at Fiumicino Airport for Rome
Your ticket is valid for one use within the next 24 hours. Before your journey, you must validate it. If the validator is out of service, which can happen, write the time and date on the ticket with a pen, and you can calmly board the train.
Validating Railway Tickets Before Boarding Trains in Italy
Here’s what the regional train looks like from the outside.
Regional Train at Fiumicino Airport Rome Platform
And this is what it looks like inside.
Inside a Carriage of the Regional Train at Fiumicino Airport Rome
All that’s left is to check the schedule and wait for your train. They sometimes run late.

American English

Attention: The last Leonardo train and the regional electric train depart from the airport around 11:20 PM – the schedule changes, so please double-check the exact time for the date of your arrival at

Watch the video on how to get to Roma Trastevere station:

As you can see, it’s not that scary at all. Welcome to the Eternal City of Rome!

A Mercedes Ride for 70 Euros for 1-4 People

  • For those who value their comfort, time, and nerves. The journey to the hotel will take 25-30 minutes.

Seven years ago, fate brought me together with Sergio, and my transportation problems in Rome were solved forever. In these years, Yana and I have used his services about 50 times, and he has never been late, let us down, or deceived us. For an Italian, he’s exceptionally reliable. That’s why I sincerely and freely recommend him to all friends and readers of our site. Italy would be the most prosperous nation if all Italians were like Sergio. There may be more people like him in the northern part of the country, but in the south, they are rare. And I admire him!
Italian Sergio organizes reliable transfers from Fiumicino Airport to Rome
You can book your transfer independently without intermediaries or commissions on Sergio’s  site For a fixed fee of 70 euros, you’ll be met at the airport and whisked away to your hotel. No extra charges or surprises, unlike with taxis, which you can read about below.

  • Tip: If you have a large group, up to 8 people, or a lot of luggage, Sergio can arrange a reliable minivan transfer for 80 euros. The maximum luggage capacity of the Mercedes E-class trunk: 2 large suitcases up to 44 pounds each + 2 small ones measuring about 10x16x22 inches. Carrying suitcases in the cabin is not allowed.

By Bus for 6 Euros per Person

  • For those with a limited budget and plenty of time. The journey to the hotel will take about 1.5-2 hours.

I must confess, I have never taken the bus from the airport, but according to friends’ reviews, it’s not always fast. I prefer to avoid buses because my height is over 6 feet.

The bus service TerraVision offers to take you from the airport to Termini Station for just 6 euros one-way. Buses leave every 30 minutes. The travel time is about 60 minutes (scheduled for 55 minutes), depending on traffic. If you’re not in a rush and looking to save money, the bus is your option. From Termini Station, you can hop on the metro or a bus and head to your hotel.

I advise buying tickets in advance online (it’s cheaper). If your flight is delayed, they will let you board the next bus without any issues. Allocate 40 to 60 minutes for passport control and baggage claim. For example, if you arrive at 12:00 PM, get a bus ticket for 1:30 PM. All buses are located on the right side relative to the exit from the arrivals area in Terminal 3.
How to get from Fiumicino to Rome by bus? Ticket prices and schedule

Attention: the last bus leaves Fiumicino at 11:00 PM. Remember that if your arrival is after 10:00 PM, the bus option might not be suitable – you won’t have enough time to claim your luggage, buy a ticket, or seats may not be available. Plan other means of transportation.

Lifehack: If you buy a round-trip ticket online in advance, you can save significantly. In this case, your return trip from Termini Station to Fiumicino will only cost you 5 euros. If you have an early morning flight, remember that it’s advisable to be at the airport at least 1 hour and 45 minutes in advance. The first bus from Termini leaves at 4:40 AM and arrives at the airport at 5:25 AM – meaning for flights after 7:00 AM, this option is unreliable. Early morning buses should definitely be booked online in advance, and you should arrive at the stop 20-30 minutes before departure.

By Taxi for 48-70 Euros

  • For those who aren’t worried about expenses and probably aren’t even reading these tips.

Legends abound about the lawlessness of Roman taxi drivers a few years ago. Now, by law, any trip from Fiumicino to anywhere within the Aurelian Walls should cost a fixed amount of 48 euros, provided you meet certain conditions. Here are some taxi tricks:

Do you know where the Aurelian Walls start and end? Wikipedia tells us that it’s almost the entire city center, but how would you know for sure if it’s your first time in Rome? For example, Piazza Navona, the Vatican area, and Trastevere are technically outside the walls.
Map of the Aurelian Walls in Rome
In every taxi, you can find rates in Italian, English, and Spanish that state:

  • The first suitcase is free, but for each additional one larger than about 14x10x20 inches, there’s a +1 euro charge.
  • The fare from Fiumicino to Tiburtina station is 55 euros, to Ostiense – 45 euros, to Civitavecchia port – 120 euros, and to Ciampino airport – 50 euros.
  • No taxi trip within Rome should exceed 70 euros. Remember this!

If you are sure of your rights, feel free to call the police; even if you are wrong, you won’t be fined, and the taxi drivers will likely get scared and negotiate with you.

My experience: Out of about 50 times I’ve used a taxi in Rome, I sensed a trick in about half of them. For example, one day, I paid 13 euros from the same place, and the next day, it was 21 euros. Once, a taxi driver charged us 90 euros from Castel Romano instead of the previously agreed 60. In the end, we almost fought and settled on 70 euros. By the way, we only paid 45 euros to get there. This is my personal experience; yours might be less negative. In any case, now for trips to the airport, I always call Sergio, whom I mentioned earlier.

Read the article: The Whole Truth About Taxis in Rome

By Rental Car

  • Who it’s for: Independent travelers wishing to visit other cities.

Driving around Rome in a car is impractical, and you’re unlikely to manage it, as entry into the historical center is allowed only with special permits. However, you can choose a hotel on the edge of the historical center and parking there. Then, after a day or two, embark on a self-guided journey through Italy. See tips section with Italy Road Trips.

In fact, renting a car in Italy is very simple. You can do it right at the airport. If you’ve booked a car in advance, the process of completing all the documents and receiving the vehicle will take about 30 minutes – after all, it is the 21st century, friends, which is very convenient. For only 35-50 euros per day, you can have your own car and be free to move around.

With the car rental price comparison service, you can find the best option for you in terms of price/quality.

Here are a few examples of car rentals for 5 days, picking up and returning directly at the airport terminal, which, let’s agree, is convenient:
Volkswagen Golf for 161 euros/5 days – that’s only 32 euros/day.

The stunning Alfa Romeo Giulietta for 190 euros/5 days – that’s 38 euros/day.

Or the SUV Nissan Qashqai for an incredible 259 euros/5 days – nearly 52 euros/day, which is worth considering. Oh, and there’s a special offer – “Rental includes a free GPS rental.” Then, perhaps… I hope you realize I’m joking. 52 euros is simply laughable; I don’t know how they profit, but such deals exist.

And if you’re a large group of up to 9 people, consider renting a minibus for 90 euros per day and traveling with friends.

I hope, dear readers, that the topic “How to get from Fiumicino Airport to Rome” is fully explained. Also, see the detailed instructions on how to get to the Vatican.

Also, with THIS GUIDE, you can independently plan your route to any attraction in Rome.

Important things to know before arriving at Fiumicino Airport

How to get from Fiumicino Airport to Rome at night?

You have limited options to reach Rome from Fiumicino Airport at night since the last bus to Rome leaves at 11:00 PM and the last electric train at 11:23 PM. The only viable options at night are taking a taxi or booking a transfer service in advance.

How much time is needed for passport control at Fiumicino Airport?

If you're arriving at Fiumicino Airport from outside the European Union, you'll need to go through passport control, which can take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes. There is no passport control for flights within the European Union.

How much time is needed to collect luggage at Fiumicino Airport?

As for baggage claim at Fiumicino Airport, it typically takes about 15 to 25 minutes from the moment the plane lands.

Where is the train station located at Fiumicino Airport?

The train station at Fiumicino Airport is located outside the terminal. You can walk to it from Terminal 3 (arrivals area) in about 10-15 minutes.

Where is the bus stop located at Fiumicino Airport?

The Fiumicino Airport bus stop is to the left of the central entrance.
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