How to Get to the Vatican City

Vatican City how to get

If you stay in a hotel in the city center of Rome, then you can easily get to the Vatican City on foot. If you go there from airports, book a transfer or take a taxi, a train or a bus. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of all the possible options.

From Termini station in Rome

The nearest metro station to the Vatican is called Ottativo – the red line. Take a train in Termini, and in 12 minutes you’ll be there. Trains leave every 3-5 minutes.

Exit the metro station, and in 200 meters you will reach the Vatican Museums, and in about 1 km you will find St.Peter’s Square and the entrance to the Cathedral.

Карта как добраться до Ватикана от вокзала Термини в Риме

From Fiumicino Airport

By bus

A bus is the cheapest way to get from Fiumicino to the Vatican area, which will cost you 6 Euros for one-way or 11 Euros for return tickets. Shuttles of company depart two times per hour from 8.30 a.m. till 12.30 a.m. 50 minutes and you are there. Your bus stop is called Via Crescenzio,2 here is the spot on the map just behind Castel Sant’Angelo and about 1,5 km from St.Peter’s Cathedral.

Маршрут пешком от остановки автобуса до Ватикана

It is up to you to decide whether this location works for you. So, while booking a hotel in the Vatican area, keep in mind that if they say “a hotel is close to the Vatican City,” it may not be one hundred percent true.

Тарифы и расписание автобусов из Фьюмичино до Ватикана

The first bus back from the Vatican to Fiumicino departures at 5.10 a.m. and the last one at 8.45 p.m. If you have an early morning plane, buy a ticket in advance to ensure that you will get to the airport on time.

By taxi

A taxi ride should cost you 48 Euros + baggage fee + 4th passenger as the Vatican is a part of the Aurelian wall zone there is a special tariff. However, your taxi trip can be a tricky one, to know more, read this article.

Let me recommend the most reliable Italian guy in the world – Sergio – as the best alternative to taxi drivers. Transfer on Mercedes E-class will cost you 50 Euros, which is reliable comfortable without any unpleasant surprises, nerves, and extra fees.

  • As licensed drivers are allowed to drive on a particular traffic lane, it takes 25-50 minutes to get from the airport to the city center, avoiding traffic jams.

By train

Not the best option to get to Vatican City by train in this case. First, one needs to take the Leonardo train for 14 Euros and then take a metro. But if your hotel is close to Roma San Pietro station, you can take a train and change it to another one at Stazione Trastevere for 8 Euros.

How to Get to the Vatican City

To know more, read the instruction on Trenitalia trains, check the timetable, and choose an appropriate train.

Расписание поезда из аэропорта Фьюмичино до Ватикана

There is no need to buy tickets in advance as they are always available. If for any reason you won’t be able to take your next train at Stazione Trastevere, don’t worry, just take the next one. The ticket is valid during the day.

From Ciampino Airport

By bus and by metro

Note that the destination point of a bus by (the timetable) is Termini station. The price is 5 Euros per one-way ticket and 9 Euros per return one. The time you spend – 35-40 minutes. How to switch to the metro line, read above at the beginning of the article. So, in such case it is better to take a bus by Terraviosion company, for 5 Euros.

By taxi

A taxi will cost you 30 Euros from the airport to the Vatican, a reliable transfer by Sergio – 45 Euros.

Save the instruction in your bookmarks and share them with your friends. If you have any questions, welcome to the comments below. I will be glad to help you.

Wishing you a safe trip, and let me invite you to our private tours around the Vatican.

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