Sicilian Desserts

Sicilian Desserts

Sicily is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth. If you think you don’t like sweets, you’re mistaken! Sicilian desserts will change your mind. It’s impossible to resist the sweets in Sicily because their variety is astounding. Almond cookies, pistachio treats, marzipan fruits, Sicilian cannolo, torrone, cassata, crostata, gelato, pasta di mandorla, tortofini, Sicilian kiss – this list goes on endlessly.

Sicily is the sweetest region in Italy. Thanks to its past, the traditions of Greeks, Romans, Arabs, French, Spaniards, and its rich agriculture (almonds, lemons, pistachios, oranges, figs – there’s so much), Sicilian cuisine is one of the most diverse and interesting among Italian regions, especially when it comes to desserts.
In Sicily, you should try all the sweets, but if you’re concerned about your figure, here’s a small guide to Sicilian desserts that every sweet tooth should know:

Sicilian Cannolo

Sicilian cannolo (Cannolo siciliano) are tubes filled with a gentle creamy mixture made from freshly whipped ricotta with honey or sugar, where the sweetness accentuates the fresh airiness of the ricotta, its delicate taste. When I say fresh ricotta, I mean truly fresh ricotta. No self-respecting Sicilian pastry shop would sell cannolo already filled with cream.

A waiter fills the crispy tube with the pristine white magical cream right before the customer’s eyes, prepared daily. Cannolo can be garnished with pistachios, chocolate pieces, or candied fruits.
Take a bite of the cannolo and feel the incredible combination of the slightly chocolatey crispy tube and the most delicate aromatic ricotta. Now you understand why it’s impossible not to adore the people who invented this dessert.

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Sicilian Cassata

Cassata (Cassata siciliana) is a declaration of love for desserts: first, a gently soaked spongy biscuit in liqueur, a layer of sweet ricotta, sometimes mixed with chocolate chips, and a bright green almond paste that literally hugs the biscuit and cream. This masterpiece is topped with a snow-white cloud featuring a piece of candied cherry, orange, or other fruit.

Marzipan Fruit

marzipan fruit
When you first see colorful peaches, lemons, eggplants, pears, strawberries, and other fruits and vegetables, you wouldn’t think they are confectionery! Frutta martorana (Marzipan fruit) are true works of art. These marzipan pastries are made from almond paste with vanilla, sugar, and lemon juice and hand-painted by skilled artisans. The process is very labor-intensive and takes three days.

Marzipan fruits are a very sweet dessert but divinely delicious. Especially if you are a fan of delightful treats, frutta di Martorana will definitely suit your taste.


Torrone can be found all over Italy, but this dessert began its journey from Sicily. The gently white bar with nuts seems hard at first glance, but that’s just the shell, hiding a pleasantly chewy sugar-honey nougat with almonds or pistachios, which only enhance the sweet taste. Sometimes, you can find torrone with candied orange or lemon pieces, adding a slight bitterness and a honey aftertaste.

Almond Biscotti

almond biscotti
Almond Biscotti or almond cookies (Biscotti con mandorla) – this classic Sicilian cookie showcases Sicilian baking at its finest. Almond cookies are made from almond paste and are slightly baked until a crispy, thin crust forms while the inside remains moist and soft. Sicily is known for its sweet, juicy almonds.

Sicilians bake a wide variety of almond cookies, and the assortment can vary greatly in pasticcerias, so I advise always trying them. Biscotti con mandorla can be made with pistachios, raisins, dried cherries, pecans, or walnuts, and after eating one cookie, your hand will definitely reach for a second.

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