The Best Hotels in Siracusa by the Seaside

Best Hotels In Siracusa By The Seaside

Hotel in Siracusa by the seaside with a private beach. How to choose? Where to stay? How much does it cost?

Today you will get to know how to choose and book a hotel in Siracusa, Sicily. Note that the town is very small and it takes only 30 minutes to walk around it. So it is obvious that one comes here to stay beside the seaside. Below you will find hotel options with a sea view, the first line of the seashore, or at Ortigia island which is connected with Siracusa with a bridge.

But before you look through them and choose, you should know that three things influence the price of a hotel:

  1. Time. When making a reservation – it is always a good idea to book in advance.
  2. Month. The high season in Sicily is from May till September. Good hotels for July and August are booked 4-6 months in advance. October – May is a low season, which means lower prices and no need to think about the accommodation so much in advance.
  3. Location. 150-200 EUR per night per two for the hotels at the seaside. 80 – 150 EUR per night for the options a bit away from the coast and below 4****.

Actually, Sicily is a good idea during the whole year. Those who live in an area with a proper winter cannot but agree with the fact that it is nice to appear in a place where it’s up to +20 C. Besides, it is such a pleasure to enjoy Sicialian cuisine and a special atmosphere all year round.

Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel

hotel at the seaside of the Ionian sea in Ortigia island Sicily

Algilà Ortigia Charme Hotel is a 4**** hotel at the seaside of the Ionian sea in Ortigia island. It is highly rated among our tourists and those who chose it at Booking. Above all, the hotel restaurant is amazing; one can enjoy Sicilian cuisine of the most incredible taste and quality and enjoy gluten-free food, which is so untypical and hard to find in Italy.

  • Price: 250-400 EUR per night.

Des Etrangers Hotel & SPA


Des Etrangers Hotel & SPA  is a 5***** hotel and an alternative to the hotel mentioned above. Ideal location with a sea view in a calm place. The price includes a hydromassage bath and shower, sauna, hammam, and fitness center. Besides, one can choose between two restaurants: one is called Medusa with a picturesque panoramic view of Siracusa seaside. The other one, called Roof Garden, is located at the hotel’s terrace.

  • Price: 140 – 320 EUR per night.

Alla Giudecca

03-Alla Giudecca

Alla Giudecca is a lovely 3*** hotel in Ortigia island located in a 15-century building. Under the facility, guests of the hotel can enjoy ancient ritual baths. To examine the area, you can take a bike free of charge.

  • Price: 140 EUR per night.

Hotel Mercure Siracusa

04-Hotel Mercure Siracusa

Hotel Mercure Siracusa is a 4**** hotel ideal for those who would like to feel themselves in the ancient atmosphere of Siracusa but in a modern building. It is an excellent option to stay in with a swimming pool, a Spa-center, a restaurant, Greek amphitheater.

  • Price: 100 EUR per night.

I’m sure now you’ve got all the information you were searching for. Leave your comments and share your experience.

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