How to get to Favignana Island by Ferry from Trapani

How to get to Favignana Island by Ferry from Trapani

Getting to the island of Favignana can be easily reached by speedboat from Trapani. To do this, you need to arrive at the port about 30-40 minutes before departure and buy a ticket at the box office. In the high season July-August, we recommend buying tickets in advance by arriving at the port a day before or on the Internet on the official website of the carrier We also recommend you checking the current timetable there.

We went to the island of Favignana as part of our trip to southern Italy in June 2014. On the advice of the Sicilian Mario, in whose villa we regularly stay in Sicily, it was decided to spend one day there.

As of November 2019, I have returned to the island ten times.

If you travel around Italy in your own or rented car and stay, following our example, at Villa Mario and Antonella, then it would be logical to park your car not in the port, but in the parking lot near Mario’s house – from there he will take you to the port and meet you. An alternative option is to leave the car in a paid parking lot in the port for 8 EUR per day.

Why visit Favignana Island?

  1. Visit the Museum of tuna.
  2. Relax in one of the stunning coves, one of which Cala Rosa is one of the 10 best beaches in Italy.
  3. Spend part of your honeymoon in one of the luxurious hotels with great views at a very affordable price.
  4. Have a ride around the island on bicycles, as we did in June 2014.
  5. Collecting photographs and vintage cars, the concentration on the island is off the scale.

Box office in the Trapani port

Since it was early June in the yard and there were not so many tourists, we did not really worry about arriving at the port in half an hour, drank a cup of espresso 15 minutes before departure, and bought tickets without queues at all the box office. We set off.


A ticket from Trapani to Favignana costs 8.8 EUR (the entrance for children under 4 years old is free of charge, from 4 to 12 years old – 4.4 EUR) + an environmental fee for visiting the island equal to 1.5 EUR. The total price for one way ticket is 10.3 EUR per adult. The fee is not collected on the way back, so the ticket is cheaper. The total was 19.1 EUR round trip per person.


The boat is large enough to accommodate about a hundred people. Keep in mind that rolling is felt very well at speed, so people with a weak vestibular apparatus have a reason to stock up on motion sickness pills before swimming. Sailors claim that the roll is felt most minor of all in the middle of the ship. To feel the entire “depth of the depths,” we sat in the very nose.

Ferry boarding

How -To-Get-To-Favignana-Island-5

During the 40-minute sailing, you will hardly be able to take a picture, but somehow you need to have fun.


So, we departed Trapani at 9.30 a.m. and reached the island of Favignana, where we spent one of the most beautiful days in life.


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