The Five Best Italian Cheeses

The Five Best Italian Cheeses

Cheese can be considered one of the most essential and always relevant products that should invariably be present in every refrigerator. It consistently serves as the basis for salads, appetizers, and desserts, beloved not only in its homeland of Italy but also around the world. Cheeses have firmly taken their place in the list of the most outstanding and well-known dishes of the national Italian cuisine.

So, what are the types of cheese produced in the country of sun and wine, that enjoy popularity today thanks to their highest quality and amazing taste?


This most delicate cheese with a tangy flavor has been made from the milk of black buffaloes and cows for centuries. The first mention of this type of cheese dates back to 1570. And it appeared at none other than the papal court. However, even after centuries, it remains popular.

Today, mozzarella is produced in the Campania region and is sold floating in its own whey.

It is believed that this type of cheese must contain a large amount of moisture; otherwise, it will lose all its flavor. Mozzarella is most often used as an appetizer, added to pizzas, pies, casseroles, and also in meat dishes.

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Ricotta, like mozzarella, is among the fresh cheeses. This cheese type requires a significant amount of moisture.

Ricotta is produced from the remaining whey after making mozzarella.

Some chefs use this sweet cheese type in its original form or smoke it to add to special dishes. Thus, ricotta is a frequent component in desserts, pies, and some salads, giving them a special delicate flavor.

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This type of cheese is easy to identify at first glance. It stands out on store shelves due to the special mold veins. This cheese variety is named after the Italian village near the world’s fashion capital, Milan.
The cheese has an extraordinary taste and is of the highest quality. It is made from cow’s milk.

Gorgonzola is often used in Italian cuisine as a sauce: its sharp and rich flavor adds a special piquancy to many dishes.


It’s well-known that the Lombardy region is famous worldwide for its cheeses. Another representative of this dairy product group, like gorgonzola, is produced in this region.

Mascarpone is made from the cream of buffalo and cow milk.

This cheese variety is so soft and fatty that it can easily replace butter in the refrigerator. Its most significant difference from other cheeses is its sweet taste. That’s why mascarpone is used in preparing famous desserts like tiramisu and cheesecake.

Parmigiano Reggiano

This cheese variety is arguably the most recognizable worldwide. Its producers have been delighting gourmets since the 10th century when cheese production was established in the provinces around the town of Parma.

Parmigiano Reggiano, also known as Parmesan, is the hardest cheese, which is not very fatty (32%).

Parmesan has a sharp, spicy smell, but in reality, it has a sweetish taste. This cheese variety can be called the king of cheeses in Italian cuisine: it can be found in almost all dishes, from pizza to pasta.

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