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Main train station in Venice

The first thing guests of Venice see when they arrive in the city on the water by train is Santa Lucia Station (Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia). This building can be called a “white crow” among other Venetian structures: it was built relatively recently, in the mid-20th century.

However, when a tourist’s foot first steps onto the platform of Santa Lucia, they immediately sense the unique Venetian smell of dampness and silt, which, nonetheless, conveys a certain romantic spirit.

History of the Construction of the Main Railway Station in Venice

Venetians realized the need for a railway station as early as the mid-19th century, after the appearance of such a possibility due to a new dam, which became a connecting link between the city and mainland Italy. Construction work began in 1861, and it was completed almost a century later, in 1952.

Train station in Venice Santa Lucia

Several talented architects worked on the Santa Lucia station project, succeeding one another, including Angiolo Mazzoni and Paolo Perilli. Sixty years later, builders and restorers worked on the building again, although only the interior design of the rooms underwent changes.

Where Did the Name Santa Lucia Come From?

The name Santa Lucia for the station in Venice was not accidental. Once upon a time, there was a church on its site where the relics of Saint Lucia of Syracuse were kept, who is the patron saint of the blind. The building was demolished, and the saint’s relics were transferred to the Church of San Geremia, where they remain to this day and where those wishing to venerate Lucia come to. The station inherited an unusual name for such a building – Santa Lucia.

It should be noted that, despite its multifunctionality, Santa Lucia station is a very convenient and comfortable place, equipped with all the necessary departments for travelers. There are many ticket offices that virtually eliminate queues, information stands and kiosks allow passengers to find out everything they need, after which they can wait for their train in the waiting room or spend time browsing the goods of small shops and stalls.

Attractions near Santa Lucia station

If you don’t feel like passing the time by walking around the station, go sightseeing nearby. One of them is located near the Venice station – the Church of San Simeone Piccolo, on the dome of which stands a beautiful statue of Jesus.

Church of San Simeone Piccolo Venice near Santa Lucia train station

A little further, at the Ponte degli Scalzi, stands a church of the same name, built by a religious order of Carmelite monks. If you have the time – walk across the bridge over the Canareggio Canal. On its other side is the area of the former Jewish ghetto, on the territory of which is now the Jewish Museum, synagogues, a restaurant with Jewish cuisine, and a Holocaust Memorial. It is also easy to get to the city’s central square, San Marco, from Venice station – a walk will take about 30 minutes.

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