Waterpark Caribe Bay in Lido Di Jesolo (Venice)

Аквапарк "Карибский залив" в Лидо ди Езоло

Caribe Bay is not just a water park in the popular resort of Lido Di Jesolo in the province of Venice (Provincia di Venezia) but an extraordinary oasis with the nature of South America on the Adriatic Sea.

The fully themed Caribe Bay is one of the seven best water parks in the world and is the only one with a wave pool with sand in the water and on land.

The unique place of entertainment allows you to experience the romantic atmosphere of another world – the Caribbean Sea, where visitors will find crystal clear turquoise water, coral sand, pirate bays, waterfalls, and palm trees.

Breathtaking attractions in the “exotic tropics” of Northern Italy are organized in such a way that every visitor will be not only interesting but also comfortable and safe.

Useful info

There is a lot of information on how to organize your holiday in Caribe Bay, but all of it, with additional questions and answers, is well laid out on the official website www.caribebay.it – it is available in Italian, English, and German.

In 2024 year, the water park is open from May 28 to September 11.

It is worth bearing in mind that it may change yearly depending on circumstances.

Hours of Operation

The water park is open from 10:00 to 18:00.
Daytime admission is allowed from 14:00.
After closing the ticket office at 15:45, access to the park is impossible.

Ticket prices

Ticket prices for the whole day:

  • Adult – 36 euros;
  • Children from 100 to 140 cm and people over 65 years – 32 euros;
  • Children under 100cm – free of charge.

I advise you to buy tickets in advance at the ticket office tiquets.com – the registration process is convenient, fast, and in English. Furthermore, ticket prices are the same as on the official website.

The cost of additional services

Umbrella, two sun loungers, and a storage box – 15 euros for online advance purchase, 11 euros – directly in the park.
Parking for motorcycles and cars – 5,0 euros

How to get there from Venice

The way from the central train station in Venice (Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia) to the water park takes about 2 hours. To arrive for the opening, leave Venice at the latest at 8 am.

Map of how to get to the water park from Venice to Lido di Jesolo

First, take Vaporetto number 5.1, 5.2, or 6 in Piazzale Roma and get off at the island Lido. Next, change to Vaporetto number 14 and get off at the stop Punta Sabbioni “A.” From there, take bus 23a in 26 minutes to the stop at Lido di Jesolo Piazza Marina. After 5 minutes of walking, you will find yourself at the park entrance.

History of the water park

Before gaining world fame, the water park of the Italian resort of Lido Di Jesolo looked more modest. In 1989 on this place was built Aqualandia, which immediately attracted the attention of tourists, but after a few years lost the competition to other water parks.

In the 2000s, an exciting and daring project emerged that turned Aqualandia into the Caribbean Bay in 2019. The new water park was so named – Caribe Bay.

Water Park Caribe Bay in Lido di Jesolo white sand beach

The nature of one of the most beautiful places in the world was recreated with more than 2 thousand palm trees and 50 thousand square meters of beaches with coral sand and almost natural sea waves.

The vast park was transformed into a world of adventure and thrilling rides, capable of raising adrenaline and arousing a storm of emotions.
Thematic Aquapark for Children Bay of Caribe in Lido di Jesolo

Caribe Bay is constantly evolving and delighting with new projects. Currently, the water park area is 80,000 square meters, which is equipped with 27 entertainment venues, including the highest in Europe water slides (42 m) and a bridge for jumping with a bungee (60 m).

Watch video review of the water park

What can you expect?

Caribe Bay is a city of entertainment. So it’s worth coming here for an entire day, or maybe more than one. You can get a room and stay the night at 3,4, and 5-star hotels as well as the camping village. The Playa Paraiso exclusive package provides exclusive services with accommodation in a private gazebo on Playa Paraiso terrace in the heart of the Caribbean Bay. Details can be found in a special section on the official website www.caribebay.it/cabanas-prive.

As befits a large water park, Caribe Bay includes a variety of attractions, several beaches, bays, lagoons, an arena for spectacular shows, a network of restaurants and cafes, stores, and even a kindergarten.

Mandatory amenities include changing cabins, warm water showers, toilets, and lockers for storing things. For a fee, you can get sun loungers, an umbrella, and a small storage locker in the beach area.

Beaches and coves

Caribe Bay’s beaches and coves have a wonderfully realistic Caribbean feel with white sand and clear turquoise water.

Water park in Lido di Jesolo white sand on the beach

Shark Bay

The highlight of the water park is Shark Bay, the world’s only man-made pool with waves and white sand that creates a natural oasis feeling. It has even been compared to Mexico’s most beautiful beach, Playa Sisal. Soak up the relaxing atmosphere with the sound of the waves with palm trees, lounge chairs, and a cocktail.

Golden Lagoon

The Golden Lagoon or Laguna de Oro is shallower than the others, allowing inexperienced swimmers to feel relaxed in the water. Resting on a sun lounger or under an umbrella while the body is caressed by the gentle breeze and the golden glow of the lagoon water – what could be more desirable in such moments?

Paradise Lagoon

Admirers of aesthetic pleasures and relaxation are sure to head for the water park corner where the Paradise Lagoon awaits. An appropriate atmosphere is created by lush vegetation, rocks, caves, and crystal clear water surface. For convenience, changing rooms, deck chairs, and umbrellas made of palm leaves were placed on the shore.

Pirate’s Cove

The Caribbean bay can not be imagined without the Pirates’ Bay with white sand.
Here the little sea robbers are in for a great adventure: jungle, water slides, and rides. While the kids are having fun in complete safety, parents can relax nearby in the shade of umbrellas.

Splash Barrel

A unique feature of Barrel Splash beach is the barrel from which a stream of water periodically pours out. Located near Pirate Bay, this beach is especially popular with children. Getting caught in another splash of water is considered amusing fun.


Water park rides are designed for thrill-seekers of all ages. They vary in complexity and entourage. This type of entertainment will leave an indelible mark on your vacation in Caribe Bay.

Water park attractions in Lido di Jesolo

Attractions for the bravest

A vast program represents attractions for the bravest. Remember that access to them has special restrictions on age, height, and weight. The names speak for themselves and prepare you for the test of character.

  1. Space Captain (Capitain Spacemaker) – the highest roller coaster (42 m), which develops a speed of 100 km / h.
  2. Skary Falls (Skary Falls) – descent in the dark (closed tube) on an inflatable boat from a height of 38 meters at an incline of 60 degrees.
  3. Jungle Jump – Hover in a spectacular jump over a rushing waterfall – a challenge for the determined and experienced adventurer.
  4. Bungee Jumping – the highest bungee jumping structure in Europe. Only a daredevil can rise to a height of 60 m and rush down. Reliable safety equipment and experienced instructors will help to dare to take a step into the abyss. This is the only attraction, the cost of which is not included in the admission ticket. To jump alone, you pay 50 euros, and in tandem – 100 euros.
  5. Free Climbing Walls – entertainment for those who are not yet ready to bungee jump but are determined to overcome the vertical stone wall. The ascent will help special ledges and the dream of conquering the mountain peaks.
  6. Tibetan bridge (Ponte Tibetano) will help you overcome the fear of heights because it is 20 meters above the ground. You can walk on it by suspended ropes, holding on only by balancing your body and, of course, the safety belt.

Rides with adventure

For those who are not yet ready or not mature enough for the challenges, Caribe Bay has prepared no less exciting adventures. Unexpected obstacles and the opportunity to show courage in overcoming them will raise your self-esteem and have fun.

  1. Tortuga Sky is a 220-meter-long tube with unexpected turns and special effects designed for thrill-seekers.
  2. Barracudas, two 17-meter high slides, the original competition track where you can slide headfirst into the pool.
  3. Apocalypse – an exciting slide through the waterways. The ancient and mysterious Mayan civilization has prepared a challenge to pass through the portals of the pyramid of Chichen Itza.
  4. Battle Intrigo, run shipwrecked galleons with cannons firing water jets, is just what any boy needs to gauge his strength in a naval battle.
  5. Crazy River – 135 meters of turbulent mountain river water with whirlpools, rapids, and other surprises. Obstacles are overcome in a rubber boat gliding along the slopes with thickets of palm trees, reeds, and bamboo.
  6. Toboggans are twisting water slides in the Caribbean forest. They are a lot of fun for those who are afraid of heights and not ready for a quick descent.
  7. Roatan – a small cruise on a quiet river where you can relax and enjoy your time in the rainforest.

Children’s Attractions

Little heroes-travelers are the primary visitors to Caribe Bay. The water park gives them a mysterious and full of beautiful discoveries world of adventures. A large complex of attractions for children is located on the right side of the entrance.

All attractions for little visitors are more than safe: the height of the structures is not more than 1.5 m, and the depth of pools is 50 cm. The presence of parents will still add peace of mind to them as well as their children.

Child attractions for children with speaking names are very diverse and are able to captivate even the most capricious child with “important” things to do.

  1. Capitan Cordero is a water slide with four lanes for competitive rappelling.
  2. Boopi Piver, a rubber boat ride on a river in the jungle.
  3. Crazy Jump – trampoline jumps for those who like to jump around a lot.
  4. El Piratta Perdido (The Lost Pirate) is a sandbox where you can find the bones of a pirate.
  5. Funny Balls – A Caribbean sea of colorful balls for the little ones.
  6. La Pepita – An absolute gold mine where you can mine a nugget.
  7. Mexico Discovery – a place to improve the skills of a young driver at the wheel of colorful electric cars.
  8. Octopus – A relaxing ride on a small boat driven by a friendly inflatable octopus.

Arena Show

Arena Show is Caribe Bay’s cultural center of sorts.

The circular stone steps and mysterious Mayan signs transport visitors to the world of South America. Every day there are colorful performances by acrobats and dancers, shows with exotic animals and birds, and staged stories about pirates and Mayans.

Where to Eat

For a good meal or just a snack, adventurers can stop at one of the 11 themed bars and restaurants. Menus include appetizers, pizza, burgers, sushi, flatbreads, pancakes, and desserts. All products sourced from local farmers are high quality and fresh.

Visitors can choose from restaurants with funny names like Shipwrecked Bar (Castaway kiosk), Chiringuito Beach, Mary Can, La Petita Patisserie, La petita cuisine, La Pancita, Kon Tiki Kiosk, and others.

Caribbean Golf Club

Next to the water park is the 24-hole Caribbean Golf Club (Caribbean Golf). In an exotic setting among pirates, skeletons, cannons, and treasure boxes, adults and children can enjoy the popular game of golf.

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