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Biography of Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci, born Monica Anna Maria Bellucci, is a contemporary Italian actress and model. She gained fame through iconic films such as “Dracula” and “The Brothers Grimm.” Three years ago, Monica was honored with the title of Knight of the Legion of Honor.


Monica Bellucci was born on September 30, 1964, in the small town of Citta di Castello in the Umbria region. Despite doctors previously stating that her mother was infertile, Maotia Gustinelli miraculously became pregnant, and the birth of the baby girl was considered a wondrous event.

Actress Monica Bellucci

Early Years

The girl was the only child in a modest family, consisting of her mother, an artist, and her father, who worked in agriculture. Her father, Luigi Bellucci, was involved in winemaking and the cultivation of vegetables, berries, and fruits.

Near Monica’s parent’s house, there was a livestock enclosure that her father would lead out to pasture every day. When the girl turned five, her parents began involving her in agricultural work so that she would understand the importance of helping adults from an early age. Monica Anna Maria (that’s her full name) worked alongside her father and mother, achieving certain successes by providing home-grown food.

Monica Bellucci photo shoot in his youth

However, such a life did not appeal to the girl. When she accompanied her parents to the city to buy seedlings, she admired the colorful and enticing signs, featuring models who amazed with their perfect beauty. The girl dreamed of becoming like them, but unfortunately, such pleasure came with a high price tag at that time, and her parents could not afford it.

From a young age, Monica understood that obtaining a good education would be necessary to improve her family’s financial situation. Therefore, as soon as she started school, her passion for learning awakened. The young girl was determined to make a name for herself.

During her school years, Monica was surrounded by universal love and understanding. Many children paid attention to her due to her cheerful nature and remarkable charisma. As a future actress, she tried to win the favor of her peers because she felt lonely during those times. Monica excelled in her studies because she was convinced that there was no other way to achieve success. But no one understood her better than herself, which is why, in her later years, the actress reluctantly shared stories about those distant times.

During her school years, a new passion arose within her—jurisprudence—and Monica became eager to obtain a legal education and become a lawyer. She saw not only a good financial income but also prestige in this profession. In those years, one of her school teachers, who had worked in a law firm for several years and dealt with numerous clients, became her idol.

Monica remembers how that teacher enthusiastically and passionately talked about her previous job. The actress believes that it was through those stories that she became deeply influenced during her school years.

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Career in the Modeling Industry

At the age of eighteen, Monica enrolls in the Law Faculty at the University of Perugia. However, higher education is not cheap, and in order to earn money for her studies, Monica initially takes a job as a waitress at a local pizzeria. Then, an opportunity arises for her to try herself as a model.

Monica Bellucci's modeling career nude

For some time, Monica works as a model in her small hometown, but Chitta-di-Castello is too provincial. As a result, there are limited prospects for Monica here, and she can barely earn more than a few tens of dollars per month. That’s why she tells her parents about her intention to move to a metropolis. Her choice falls on Milan, where the aspiring actress goes, hoping to build a career as a lawyer.

Milan greets the promising and resourceful girl in a rather ambiguous way. Instead of a cozy dwelling and a decent income, Monica ends up with a small room that she has to share with another immigrant. After some time, she has to take a job as a waitress at one of the local cafes. It is then that Monica realizes that pursuing a career as a lawyer in a city with intense competition is almost impossible. Therefore, she starts asking her colleagues and acquaintances about modeling, as her figure and stunning appearance allow for it.

Monica lands a contract with Elite Model Management, a leading modeling agency, almost immediately. The world of modeling not only opens its doors to her but also makes her recognizable in certain circles in a very short time.

As Monica begins to travel, primarily to Paris and New York, she starts being promoted as a fashion model. Photo shoots featuring her are published in multiple fashion magazines. The first significant breakthrough in Monica’s financial situation occurs after she poses for the Dolce&Gabbana brand. She receives an incredible fee for her work.
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By the beginning of the 2000s, Monica Bellucci had gained recognition not only in Italy but also in numerous other European countries. She was constantly involved in photo shoots on various themes and appeared in prestigious fashion houses. Renowned global clothing brands invited her to participate in the showcases of their latest collections. Journalists would practically flock around Monica, eager to grab some exclusive material for their newspapers, magazines, or television channels.

In 2004, Monica Bellucci’s modeling career reached its peak. According to Ask Men’s magazine, she was listed among the top 100 most beautiful women in the world. This achievement pushed aside several Hollywood beauties.

Film Career

Starting from 1990, Monica became passionate about the film industry. Her debut role in the film “Life with Sons” didn’t create a sensation as she played only a minor and almost unnoticed role. However, at that moment, Monica believed it was just the beginning and realized that she enjoyed acting in movies as much as posing in front of the camera.

Immediately after her first film, she appeared in a few more movies like “Abuse” and “Bandits.” However, none of them brought her much success. The pay was meager, and many directors didn’t even pay attention to her.

Monica’s truly significant breakthrough in her acting career came with the film “Dracula,” in which she was invited to play by Francis Ford Coppola. In the movie, Monica portrayed one of Dracula’s brides, and she handled the role successfully. Critics praised her acting skills, marking it as her first real recognition of talent.

After the premiere of “Dracula,” Monica started receiving one invitation after another for film roles. Within a short period of time, she appeared in films such as “Stubborn Fate,” “Snowball,” “The Heroes,” and “Joseph.”

In 1996, six years later, Monica Bellucci became one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. This happened after she played the role of Lisa in the film “The Apartment,” a character deeply loved by the main protagonist for several years. Subsequently, she appeared in films such as “Bad Tone,” “Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra,” “She Hates Me,” “How Much Do You Love Me?” and the list goes on. It’s worth mentioning that many of these films, thanks to Monica, received prestigious awards, and she herself became the winner in categories such as Best Actress or Best Female Role in movies.

Personal Life

Monica has been married only twice in her lifetime. Her first chosen partner was the photographer Claudio Carlos Basso. They got married in 1990, but their marriage ended after just four years.

After Monica starred in the film “Life with Children,” she developed a relationship with Nicola Farron. They were considered the most beautiful couple in Hollywood. However, later on, the actress became involved with Vincent Kassel.

Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci at the premiere of the film

At first, they didn’t like each other. She thought he was an arrogant and conceited person, while he considered her to be a silly model. However, their mutual dislike eventually gave way to strong feelings. Vincent proposed to Monica three times, and three times she turned him down. That is, until he was involved in an accident.

Monica was terrified and agreed to marry him. When their first daughter, Deva Kassel, was born, the actress was already 40 years old. Six years later, Monica gave birth to their second daughter, whom they named Leoni.

For a long time, Monica and Vincent were not only an excellent couple but also a role model. However, in 2013, news spread throughout Hollywood that a divorce was imminent. The actress separated from her husband without scandals, quietly and peacefully. Some journalists claimed that it happened due to Monica’s affair with businessman Telman Ismailov.

Currently, the actress is in a relationship with French actor Gilles Lellouche, who is eight years younger than her.

How Monica Bellucci Takes Care of Herself

Monica Bellucci’s appearance makes many women aspire to achieve the same beauty. The secret of the actress lies not only in her natural beauty but also in her knowledge of proper self-care.


Monica consistently uses moisturizing lipsticks or balms. The actress assures her fans that there is nothing more seductive than plump lips with a slight sheen. According to Monica, it is the most sensual part of any woman’s body.

Makeup Monica Bellucci

She spends about an hour in the bath, enjoying aromatic additives, nourishing oils, foam, and rose petals. Monica believes that this precious time allows a woman to connect with herself.

Monica uses lightweight moisturizing creams for her face and body. These products are part of her daily skincare routine and help her maintain a flawless appearance.

The actress prefers natural shades in her cosmetics, as they don’t clog pores and allow the skin to breathe.

Style in Clothing

Monica Bellucci’s favorite color in clothing is black, which she likes to combine with white or red tones. By playing with these color combinations, she can create a highly sensual look or tone it down a bit.

Monica Bellucci's clothing style favorite color is black

She adores classic polka dots in her outfits, especially white on a black background, as well as lace, which enhances her irresistible charm. Sometimes, when Monica reminisces about her dream of becoming a lawyer, she wears classic suits. However, her trademark remains form-fitting dresses that accentuate every curve of her irresistible figure.

Monica Bellucci and Daniel Craig in Rome with the Colosseum in the background


Monica Bellucci has a rich and memorable filmography, but there are several films that have particularly stood out to audiences. Some of these include:

  • “Dobermann” (1997): Monica portrayed a mute gypsy who has a strong affinity for firearms and becomes the lover of a criminal known as Dobermann.
  • “Malèna” (2000): In this film, the actress played the role of a graceful and seductive woman who, upon learning of her husband’s death, must find ways to support herself.
  • “The Matrix Reloaded” (2003): Monica portrayed Persephone, a disillusioned wife who assists Neo in his endeavors in exchange for a passionate kiss.
  • “The Brothers Grimm” (2005): Monica played the role of the Mirror Queen from an enchanted forest.
  • “Shoot ‘Em Up” (2007): The actress took on the role of Donna Quintano, a prostitute with a penchant for various sexual fetishes.
  • “The Whistleblower” (2010): Monica portrayed Laura Ferida, an Italian actress who, along with her husband, is executed by anti-fascists during the final years of World War II.
  • “Don’t Look Back” (2009): Monica played the role of Jeanne, a writer and mother of two children. She has no memory of her childhood but periodically notices changes within herself and her appearance.
  • “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (2010): The actress portrayed Veronica, a sorceress who sacrifices herself to save the world.
  • “Rhino Season” (2012): Monica played the role of Mina, a Kurdish poet’s wife who endures years of imprisonment and separation from her husband.
  • “Love in the Square” (2013): Monica portrayed an enchanting Italian woman who is married to a French Jew and finds herself involved in all family events, be it weddings or funerals.
  • “Miracles” (2014): Monica successfully portrayed Milli Catena, the host of an entertainment show whose appearance and charisma leave an unforgettable impression on naive farmer’s daughters.
  • “On the Milky Road” (2016): The actress played the role of a bride who becomes the lifelong love of Kosta, a local eccentric.
  • “Nekromancer” (2018): Monica portrayed a wicked queen and soul-devourer who the protagonist, a newly turned necromancer, must overcome.

Monica Bellucci’s filmography showcases her versatility and ability to bring compelling characters to life on the screen.

Awards and Nominations

Throughout her acting career, Monica Bellucci has received the following awards:

  • In 1997, she was awarded the Cesar Award for “Most Promising Actress” for her role in the film “Apartment.”
  • In 2001, Monica received the European Film Academy Audience Award for “Best Actress” for her performance in the film “Malena.”
  • In 2002, she was honored with the Saturn Award for “Best Supporting Actress” for her role in the film “Brotherhood of the Wolf.”
  • In 2003, Monica received the Saturn Award for “Genre Face of the Future” from Cinescape magazine for her outstanding female role in the film “The Matrix Reloaded.”
  • In 2004, Monica Bellucci was awarded the MTV Movie Award for “Best Kiss” for her performance in the film “The Matrix Reloaded.”
  • In 2017, the actress became a winner of the Donostia Award for outstanding personal achievements and received the Golden Shell at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Interesting Facts

Monica Bellucci, with her modeling and acting career, has not only become famous worldwide but has also gathered a collection of intriguing facts. The most fascinating ones include:

  1. Almost every fan literally screams that Monica is one of the most beautiful actresses of our time. However, few people know that it was not always the case. In her early childhood, the girl had very short haircuts, which made her look more like a boy. This was done so that Monica’s hair would become thick by the time she reached her teenage years.
  2. The actress acquired her true beauty around the age of fourteen when she finally began to love herself as she is. Throughout her life, Monica has not undergone any plastic surgeries – her beauty is completely natural. This can be seen in childhood photos, where Monica’s plump lips were already noticeable.
  3. At the age of sixteen, Monica became so passionate about the modeling business that she soon decided to abandon her dream of becoming a lawyer. This was influenced by her rapid advancement and constant success in the field.
  4. Monica’s first major contract in the modeling business was with Elite Model Management. This happened when the future actress turned 24 years old. She moved to Milan, and then traveled to Paris and New York.
  5. In 2003, Monica Bellucci graced the cover of the famous magazine “Maxim,” showcasing her sensuality and allure to the world.
  6. According to Femme Fatale, the actress was once among the top five sexiest women in the world.
  7. To some extent, Monica is a polyglot. At the dawn of her popularity, she made an effort to prove to everyone that she is not only beautiful but also an intelligent woman. Currently, the actress is fluent in English and French, speaking them at a native level, and she also speaks Spanish fluently.

Monica Bellucci photoshoot


Throughout her life, Monica Bellucci has given the press numerous interviews, so she has a collection of many interesting aphorisms and statements. Among the most famous ones are the following:

  • “Every woman is capable of loving as if she will always be there. But there may come a day when she slams the door and leaves as if she never loved at all.”
  • “Love can exist between people only as long as they have mutual freedom and respect for each other. It’s absurd to hope for true love if you desire to possess another person as if they were an object.”
  • “Beauty can become a problem for any woman only in two cases: when it is completely absent or when a lady has nothing more to offer than just beauty.”
  • “It’s amusing how people can forgive anything from someone else—intelligence, talent, or even betrayal—but they are unable to forgive beauty.”
  • “I couldn’t care less about which woman he desires. I have no interest in what they do with their lives, how they present themselves, or how often they think of him. Since childhood, I’ve understood how corrupt and depraved the female essence can be, and thanks to this realization, I don’t take them seriously and sometimes don’t even notice them. Honestly, I consider jealousy a foolish emotion because if a man is mine, he will remain mine no matter what they do.”
  • “Acting is not just about words. Holly Hunter in the film ‘The Piano’ didn’t utter a single word, yet she won an Oscar for it.”
  • “In my opinion, it’s quite foolish when you’re young and beautiful to become a kept woman of some wealthy person or spend your time in nightclubs and bars. Beauty is necessary to find yourself, to bring harmony and love into your life. It’s a resource that shouldn’t be wasted in vain.”


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